Thursday, 11 October 2018

A grab bag.

I read Bill Bryson's, A walk in the woods, about his trip up the Appalachian trail. I found it to be a bit of a Parsons Egg, good in parts, excellent in others and tedious beyond any will to live in many places. So much so you began to hope for a bear to enter the lists and lance them with a lodge pole pine. It should not be a book one should carry on the AT.

I also got through Hugh Sebag-Montefiore, Somme. Now this is a true work of Historiographical Art, and perhaps because of that it should be read by dipping into rather than as I did end to end. It took the Battle of the Somme from the years before the war to the day it started. But then, and had too because of the nature of the battle became geographically linier. So if one takes a chess board with the right hand black castle being the south adjoining the French and the left the other end of the battle front to the north. Then he took each regimental position, and its opposite -white piece- German segment by segment.
The only part I found objectionable was his treatment of the Irish regiments where he did that patronising English thing that annoys all Irish of any hue uniting us in a will to pound them into the ground on a playing field.

There's a new odd thing going on here at the moment. Women have taken to wearing skin formed pants. I'm not complaining mind. These are like the yoga pants you see on runners, but these women aren't running, or doing much of anything beyond shopping.

Trump eh ?. Can't write more for the gobshite will have done something that will go beyond anything I've written.

Shed/darkroom almost done. I've just to add the mineral felt. Something I couldn't do for I need a flat calm day and the last few since I bought the stuff has been quite blowy. I have a tarp over the roof to give a measure of protection at the minute. Soon I have to decide if I am going to wire it for electricity or simply run a drum cable as and when.

And in further news I just bought a full wetsuit, and a stunt kite. Mad eh.