Friday, 15 June 2018

A new phone (not quite and upgrade) and GOT's

Of recent weekends I've been watching Game of Thrones on Youtube. And speaking as a history and classics grad I'll say I can't think of one culture and her sagas they haven't shamelessly ripped off. But I will say this, there hasn't been a darn thing made in the last 10 years for TV or cinema that comes within an asses roar of its quality.
Now I thought it would be back to back sex and killing. And there's not doubt there's both in abundance, but both fit the line of the story and only enough to tell the story. nothing like some cop drama.
Of all the interlocking characters, the one that's most three dimensional is that played by Peter Dinklage, Tyron Lannister. Almost Hamlet.
Now most of the rest of the older actors can act whatever is needed be it Hamlet's uncle, Othello or King Lir. The younger ones are a bit caught in a catch 22, between sex and violence. Or they've yet to get in their acting ability beyond their sexuality.
But all in all a darn good show.

Before Christmas 2016 I bought a phone and from the day I got it it wasn't correct. Well anyway it spend about 10 months going back and forth to Germany. Only for them to accept that enough was enough, I had a dud and they sent me a new one. It's a bit of an upgrade, but older than the one I had. It has a better camera, and a bigger memory. Now I'm kinda torn. I could really push for the legal requirement is for the same or better, not older, when replacing an item.