Monday, 27 July 2015

Hmm, well that worked, big time.

I'm more of a Christian that I thought for while I had the makings of the meringues since Saturday I wasn't going to make them on Sunday because there were in no way needed. 
Anywoo's, I got up early today and separated there eggs, and on the 3rd egg the yolk broke into the whites. Now I'd read someplace ages ago that whites won't whip if there's any yolk in at all. So I reached in and removed the yolk into the bowl with the rest of them.
So, for the next three I did them in my fingers, and viola, perfect. Six yolks in one and three whites in another. The whites I whipped, and once nicely aerated I added caster sugar, about 200g of it, spoonful at a time. And once done I poured it onto a foil lined baking dish. I decided to forego the notion of little nests as being just too too girly, nod to SoCal, and went for the one big cake thing.
It cooked for 40 mins at about 150*C, turning it at about 30mins in.
It's come out as a lightweight toffee that transforms in the mouth. It's actually quite good. And for first effort too.
Next time I won't whip it so much.
The yolks I whipped while slowly drizzling olive oil into it, then I put a bit of vinegar. Once nicely thickened I put some salt and newly cracked pepper. 
All in all a good morning.   

Saturday, 25 July 2015

If I only knew.

Since my dramatic reduction in sugar intake and given the needs for some sugar I found meringues. These are very costly for the weight of them. So I've been researching making them here at home.
It seems cooking egg whites and sugar is about the easiest thing one could make for dessert after pouring boiling water on jelly and spongecake.
Still I've yet to enter the baking fray, so it may well be a bit of hubris.

Now this is a building I've been trying the photograph for three years now, and I'd never even thought to put it into B&W. And it actually works this way.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


I've been messing about with B&W. And I got myself a radio controller to allow the flash to be fired at a distance, or at an angle to the view of the lense. The coffee can, it's the only time I went nuts and bought that brand. If now earns it's living as a pot for pens.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mhairi Black: SNP MP's maiden speech in full

SNP is the Scottish National Party, and Mhairi is 20 years old.

7 reinstalled

OK my PC is back from hospital. The tech guy could do nothing so I took it home and did a total reinstall.
I'm profoundly annoyed. How dare Microsoft sent out incomplete operating systems that people cannot back out of, if an error occurs.
Even the tech guy in a computer shop couldn't correct the thing. And like myself couldn't go forward, or back. It's truly unconscionable, and I can tell you now the quicker I migrate to Apple the better.  

Sunday, 12 July 2015


The new win 10 hasn't been any success. My pc locked me out last Tuesday and I haven't been able to get back in. I rang Microsoft who told me to contact Dell, who sent me back to Microsoft, who told me to go to a local technician. That's where it is since yesterday morning.
The most likely outcome is everything is wiped out with a new install. But I could well be totally locked out.
The public service announcement bit is back up to an external hard drive before you think of installing the new operating system.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Val Doonican RIP

This man was the soundtrack of families on these islands before the advent of hundreds of TV channels. Weekly he'd have 20 million viewers, today if a show has 400,000 they would be ecstatic.

Win 10

Anyone hear anything beyond the notification inviting you to accept a free download of Windows 10.