Thursday, 30 November 2017

Photos taken by the Sony.

These are images that would be difficult to achieve with the Nikon. I have more in very low light that I took when I was doing some work for two local groups of actors. I don't want to publish them until their plays are over.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

New Camera.

New camera arrived a few days ago. And I was correct with the other one, the viewfinder was very bad indeed.
Lucky really I was connected with a few people that have them, who were bemused at my comment at the dimness of the view from the eye piece. And I had a bit of luck, or not, depending. But Amazon didn't ship a charger in the box. I got the cables but not the charger. Anyway Amz reduced the price by almost £200 for this was the 2nd product that was incorrect. The first really wasn't merchantable and this for the missing part.
Ohh the ring on the jotter is from my supper plate. :-)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Result of new camera test.

I returned the Sony A7 to Amazon for the view finder was I believe faulty. And I ordered a replacement.
Just a bit of background.
The A7 is a full frame, the exact size of the old 35mm film, and mirrorless. The latter means more to me that the former, but FF is nice to have. But sans mirror means the camera is shorter front to back, or what's know as the flange distance. This has two important effects, one, it's lighter, and two, it means with the addition of an extender tube you can adapt any lense glass from almost any maker that works. And for someone like me who hates the very concept of manufacturers eco-systems -meaning you buy a Nikon camera you have to then buy Nikon glass. And the same with all the other makers like Canon and so on.- this is a dream. If it works.
  The viewfinder, I've discovered was faulty. It really should have allowed a very good rendition of the scene, and it really shouldn't have been hit or miss getting the focus I wanted. It should've been readily apparent.
I did give it a good testing though. Almost 600 shots, comprising of landscapes and a shoot I did for a play Pinters The Dumb Waiter being put on locally. And I was impressed with the ISO sensitivity and the usability was well above my Nikon.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

New camera test

I bought a Sony A7 about 3 weeks ago and have been testing it since. It has a full frame sensor and 24 mpix resolution. But it has an electronic viewfinder rather than a pentaprism or a through and through viewfinder like in the old days.
It's also mirrorless meaning it's thinner front to back but more or less the same face on. But what it does mean is that with the use of connectors you can put any lense on it. However this also means you don't have active Auto Focus which on a high resolution can be the death of an image if you miss it with your eye. Here are some of the results.