Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Gene Wilder RIP

Gene Wilder died yesterday after a few years of alzheimer's. He was one of the people that filled a space in my growing up that was good. Just the sight of him meant a smile.

Publicity photo of Gene Wilder for film Start the Revolution Without Me (1970)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Annual meeting of the Visual Artists of Ireland at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)

We had our annual meeting of the professional and advocacy body the VIA at the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham.

 A fairly useful trip. I've been to other such congregations in the past and they can be little more than a 'how great are we' for the administration and provide little but clapping hands to the people. The only thing I didn't like was the insistence that the fee was paid via Paypal, so I didn't pay using it and paid on the day.
As with most places in Ireland you find evidence of Empire. Here at the IMMA is no exception. It was built in the 1680s as the western defence to Dublin. Using the new theory of defence developed during the wars of religion. Where they ceased to worry about strong heavy walls, and expecting them to withstand an attack. No, this was three story quadrangle over basement, doubled in places.
It was good to see the newer Art in the gallery.

I've been doing some image adjustment this past while. I got some photos of my great grandparents that needed repair and refresh. Others too, but the early ones were more instructive relative to the degree of editing. You see you can make them look 'new' and that's an error I feel. And you'll see in the following just how this has formed some of my editing subsequently.

This plaque was erected in the hospital, when it was a military old folks home. And may be of interest to Americans. This lot were the 16th light dragoons and fought in the battle of the Brandywine in the van.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Olympics in Rio.

I put up a flag pole for the soccer Euro's that I decided to leave up for the Olympics. And while it didn't fly everyday it did on most.
In truth though I don't believe I've ever felt so 'who cares' about any games, but maybe I have. It could well be that I've always had this feeling about it. But I don't think so. What I find so difficult is you cannot follow 'a' sport for the TV companies are drawing the feed from whomever they think can give metal.
We have a Silver in Sailing (Women's Laser Radial) but sailing notwithstanding our miles of coast is not even a minority sport it's niche, if even that. Nook is smaller isn't it.
Anyway, we had what seemed like hours of it when we should've been following the heats of the longjump high jump and the pole vault.
Ireland has had a bit of amusement when our local head of the Irish Olympic Committee was arrested for what isn't a crime here in Europe, ticket touting (scalping I think the Americans call it). And the Brazilians whom the IOC reserved spaces didn't take up the space leaving most of the local tickets unsold for it seemed the Olympics was nowt more than a gigantic scam in their eyes, with them as the victims.
The Medal table is as usual. With America bringing back 100+ , then China, UK, Russia, Germany France between 70 and 40. In otherwords, unchanged in all but who sits where in the top 10 or so slots.
However a few things were thrown up that gives a slight easing of the cynicism. The Stateless athletes, refugees from the hell created in North Africa and the Middle East competed under the Olympic flag. And Usain Bolt !.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Numbers indeed.

The girl with the drone control is in the distance slightly right of middle. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Every so often I have a craving for a big fat cigar.

I just spent the evening fitting a bike carrier to the car. I've not really biked since I got the hound in 08. And in truth because she's not fond of the swish of my fly rod, I've not really been out fishing since I got her either.