Saturday, 19 September 2015

Buying from Amazon

I bought a graphics tablet on Amazon. But I always go for free shipping. It arrives just a quick for we don't have same day shipping like they do in the UK, we're considered 'off shore island' in the literature of Amazon. However, the downside is the notice page which shows the tracking, or in this case lack of tracking. It hasn't moved that I can discern.

Monday, 14 September 2015

This took me hours.

This is a photographic exercise. You get a crystal glass, preferably faceted like this one. And you put it in a pure white box. Then you pound light from a flash into the box so the box gets grey and the glass is separated but holds the definition. It's the simple things that are really hard to do.  

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

It can surely be little shock.

Surely it's no surprise that I shop in a secondhand shops. I think they can be a great source of books, and on topics that I'd never actually buy in a bookshop. Today I visited a place nearby and found they were selling holy pictures. Virgin Mary, Padre Pio, Pope Benedict and so forth. These images have never bothered me all that much one way or the other so I wasn't really looking at them as pictures, but for the frames and that thin glass that surrounded the pictures.
Earlier this year I made a goodly number of frames and I was thinking if I got ready-made ones I'd be ahead of the game for next time. But the truth is while OK they aren't the same. They don't have that something, even as simple as I made my ones. I may well have to rethink and go more expensive. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

No skin in the game. But for some reason baseball stadiums in Boston have.

Each summer, regular as clockwork a spate of news stories hit the web/news/papers about women's breasts. More exactly, when those breasts are exposed and doing what God made them for, feeding a baby.
Now, as the title says, I've no skin in the game in any way what so ever. Beyond the possibility of seeing such an even occurring. And in truth I just don't see how it truly involves anyone else either. But each year when people thin down with their clothing and the usual winter draping vanishes we get this high pitched screech from those lacto-Nazis and the 180, those that think women should be covered from head to toe (just as long as it's not Arab dress). The usual example trotted out is the woman plus partner out with the pea at a restaurant and the woman starts to feed the child in full view of everyone in the place. For some reason this is seen as especially gorge making.
Now instantly I can think of two things far far far FARRRRR more more disturbing, one would be the said pea squalling it's bloo head off and the parents blithely continue to dine, and two, if said pea vented from the rear end and the waft pumped itself in waves all over the dining room.
What brought this up was an article in the Atlantic about a pod that lactating women can use in US airports, and for some reason baseball stadiums in Boston.