Saturday, 16 April 2016

A funeral, a tracking thingy and a pesky conundrum

Today I went to the funeral of a man I knew for most of my life. He died suddenly which I suppose if you had to go that would be the way. He was 80 next birthday. But he was one of those people that was always 'old'. At least so it seemed. That cannot be of course but so it seemed. The last time I saw him was at another funeral. It seems to be the way.

A new I.D law for dogs came in a few weeks ago which stated all canines had to have a little grain of rice sized chip be entered under the skin. Last Thursday I was in town and happened to be passing a vet and thought why not, it'll have to be done eventually so why not just get over it.
I was certain, as was my mother, that she had been done by the rescue place I got her. But it seemed no. Any hows if she goes baa-loo-baas next October with all the fireworks and heads for the hills she can be IDed with the chip when found.

I have the images chosen for my exhibition in May. What I haven't made up my mind about is if I should simply allow space around the outside, say the difference between A2 and A3, and simply spray glue the photo paper to foam board. Or attach the image to 1.5mm picture mount card allowing similar dimensions, A2 card with an A3 hole.
You see I've decided that making frames isn't a good thing at all. No one else is doing it. At least, not unless it's those cheap looking frames you see that makes IKEA look really swish.

Monday, 4 April 2016

A new PC, well almost.

Anyone taking or making photo images will have the issue of a the hard-drive filling up like a jug under a gutter in a thunder storm. My big camera builds 16meg files inside and then the developing will add at least another 10.
But external hard drives are no longer an arm and a leg so adding a few to the system in a relay is easy. Plus they can act as back-up's. Something I'm very aware of since I lost so many last year with the Win 10 brain fart of mine.
No, what I did was run the test program from the RAM maker Critical and discovered I could add a stick doubling the power of the computer.
And all for the glorious total of €21, shipping included.