Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Browser issues.

For years I was a Firefox man. But something occurred a few years ago and it became very clunky, and frankly just a tad weird.
Now I've found this to occur with all other browsers after a while. Opera was good for a while there, but it went off the wall. Then awhile back I moved to Googles Chrome and that seemed to do the job adequately.
Then a few weeks back I noticed that my Facebook Ad feed was showing me content that wasn't dealt with on Facebook leading me to wonder if Chrome was aiding Facebook to target my general searches.
Now I'm well aware that facebook uses their algorithms to target Ad's to those using it, and I'm generally fine with that. Where I'm not fine is with them blundering through my system with the goal of selling me to some local business. 

Rose window of IMMA

The figures in the middle of the window are larger than life sized. Just to give an idea of the scale of the thing.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Symposium, and a visit to a lovely exhibition

I think the best portraitist in the last 80 years was Lucian Freud. And I think he is so important to the Art world that he outshines his grandfather, Sigmund.
He had a very interesting live. Born in '23 in Berlin and moved to UK in '32 just as the hell inflicted on his co-religionists by the Nazis  was about to start.
The first major art exhibition was just before the end of the WW2 and he never really looked back.

I encountered his work quite some time ago, and it was at the time he was being vilified for presenting what was called fat ugly women. But I felt that his work showed the real, in those people, not just the plastic visage they awarded to the public. There is a bluntness to these works, but without coarseness. To give an idea. Today I saw an eye formed with three strokes of a brush, and another with four. Three strokes and three different colours, side by side, and one eye formed. None of your shading, and forming. None of the straight clean line. Nope, just the brush and the paint.

With the symposium I was hoping for something else. It was titled The Artist and the State. But I took it more to mean the Irish State but it really meant the relationship with how Palestinian, and Aboriginal in Australia, reacted to the Israeli and Federal Oz state and how it reacted to them. Some of it quite quite scary truth be told.

All in all there was about 120 people at the event. More or less filling the great chamber of the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham (IMMA).

This was in front of the reception area. I don't know what or who it is, but I really find it amusing. You see it could be a play on Irish mythology's connection to the Hare, or it could had a Beatrix Potter Brer Rabbit (Brother), or even a Star Wars connection with a I cannot remember who it is but there's a clan of them in there someplace.

Sunday, 20 November 2016