Tuesday, 18 September 2018

My Culture Night event


  1. I hope it is a big success!

  2. Oh, this sounds fun! I'm kind of confused though...is this what you were setting up all your photos in that room you shared a few posts ago? Or is this something in addition to that? Did you do this last year? I think maybe you did. :)

    1. No-no. The post a few back was the Clonmel camera club yearly exhibition. I had another since. And I have a few on display in Cashel for the arts festival coming up tomorrow.
      No. This is a State wide series of events for Culture Night. It's free, they all are. And anything cultural will be trying to engage with the public on that night.
      I had over 100 people in last year. And made 40 large prints of everyone from newborns to grandfathers.
      My event is pitched at those that aren't Arty, or at least don't think themselves so anyway.

      You see I encounter those that try to lessen me in the Arts scene. I didn't come through via the art colleges. But I do have the Artist Tax exemption, and I am a professional member of the my society. But mostly I hold as part of the joint degree, a degree from a Classics department with a strong bias towards philosophy. So when they try to reduce using 'well, you don't really know... .'. Well I'm not as unarmed as they might believe.