Saturday, 10 November 2018

Look who I met.

My mother needed me to drive her to the regional hospital in Cork and while I was waiting I went to Fota Wildlife park. In the past I'd always took it as being fairly shit, a sort of half zoo. But I was shown I was wrong.
Now he? was behind a tight linked fence but I think if I didn't say that seeing it would be hard enough. He was inside 20 foot of me.


  1. That's a beautiful photo, both your composition and the subject.

  2. I wrote a comment using my phone yesterday, but it didn't actually post it. Anyhow, this is a great picture and the tiger is beautiful. I have such love/hate thoughts about zoos and the like. While it makes me feel bad when animals don't get to live in their real home, the zoos are the only places most of us will ever see them. As an animal lover I wish they didn't have to live in the zoo, but also as an animal lover to see a creature like this in person is pretty spectacular.

    1. Indeed I agree with you on the Zoo's. I think the biggest space possible is important but the only things I truly detest are the marine parks with large fish and aquatic mammals.
      Here the lions and tigers have large spaces, I'd say 6 acres each.

  3. Yes that’s a beautiful picture. Same thoughts on zoos as you and Kimberly. Glad this is a space where they have space to roam.

  4. What a beautiful animal and you have him nicely framed!