Friday, 6 October 2017


I climbed 5% in a month and a bit. 36 days to be exact. Feeling a bit smug.

Der Wind spielt mit der Wetterfahne
Auf meines schönen Liebchens Haus.
Da dacht ich schon in meinem Wahne,
Sie pfiff den armen Flüchtling aus.

Er hätt' es [ehr]1 bemerken sollen,
Des Hauses aufgestecktes Schild,
So hätt' er nimmer suchen wollen
Im Haus ein treues Frauenbild.

Der Wind spielt drinnen mit den Herzen
Wie auf dem Dach, nur nicht so laut.
Was fragen sie nach meinen Schmerzen?
Ihr Kind ist eine reiche Braut.


  1. I'll take your word for it since I don't speak a lick of German.

  2. Ich nehme Ihr Wort dafür, denn ich spreche kein Wort Deutsch.

  3. That last comment was from Google Translation.

  4. Ha! Well good for you on your progress! I can count to ten and sing Silent Night in German. That's about it.

  5. Ohhh guys, that poem isn't mine but one of twenty-four poems by Wilhelm Müller. Perhaps the greatest poet in German of the 19th century. Shubert put them to music, Das Winterrise A winters journey. This the second one the Weather Vane. See

  6. Very nice piece of music and poetry.
    Congrats on the progress. Again, impressive self motivation!
    My favorite German word in Schnell! or more specifically, "Schnell! Schnell!" :)

    1. Telling myself that I'm going to post on here helps in the driving on myself.
      And I can tell you it certainly isn't very schnell at all. But I feel that this is a better way to fully sink the hook in. When I've learnt other languages, usually in an intensive way to get to a goal of passing a class to translate something or other, the fall off when not actively using it can be quite frightening. And it's not sooo much a forgetting as a walling-in inside the brain, leaving you floundering for a word you know you know.
      I remember when I was doing the Maths on the Khan Academy looking at some high school material with utter bemusement. And that I'd never dealt with. While some I knew I'd done for there were shadows inside someplace.