Sunday, 29 October 2017

Ooh jeepers

This post is not about you know who. No, this references Weinstein.

With due cognizance that no jury and judge has pronounced over any crime, the issue has been opened in a general sense and I think it can be treated.
You have to give plaudits to Judd for bringing this into the open for no matter how you cut it her career has ended. And I expect so too has the ongoing career of those that me too'ed for I think they fundamentally miss the basic savagery of the industry they are in. And the very clear imperatives of that industry.
Nor do I for one moment think this will change the nasty scum in that or any other such industry from preying on the weak. But in that industry, weak, can be people with millions in the bank.  

Catalonia eh.

Halloween eh.



  1. This thing has troubled me quite a bit. He is another in a line of people who have essentially been convicted on the words of a handful of people, ousted from their jobs, careers destroyed and haven't been found guilty of anything in a court of law. From what I have read and my personal feelings, they probably are getting what they deserve but I worry that sometime in the future, a truly innocent person may be brought down just by a few people colluding to tell some untruthful comments to the press.

    1. Yes, I worry that people are being convicted on nothing more than innuendo and spite. But here I'm pretty convinced he used position to bed women. How far I think this went is a different matter. I'm far from convinced it went to the level of crime, disgusting of course. Crime ?.

  2. As much as even looking at the man disgusts me, I can understand what Ed's saying. Where do you draw the line between innocent flirting, a simple "pass", and lewd or predatory behavior. I'm not sure it's always as clear cut as we'd hope. The "casting couch" has existed for eons, though that doesn't make it okay. If anything, these news stories have provided some interesting discussions at my house.

    1. Yes. I think what lifts this is the casting couch. It is well known that it not only exists but many laid upon it and been bilked of the quo to the quid.
      Is it necessary in the industry to be there at all. I feel no. But when one person, one that controls the money has the yea or nay it is a certain as night follows day that it will be used.
      The film industry is one of the very few left where those conditions still exist.