Monday, 13 August 2018

700 days of German


  1. That's a long time - quite an accomplishment!

  2. Replies
    1. More than I think and less than I hope.
      I'm in that space where I'm teetering and awaiting that concept push to tip me over.

  3. Very impressive! I'm also curious how you are feeling fluency-wise. Do you feel like you can be conversational with it? Time for a trip to Germany to try it out! ;)

    1. I need to renew my passport and I've been holding off promising myself that I'll get it when I've hit 700.
      As to fluency. Like I said to Bob, it's that tipping point I'm at. I've been pushing a ball up a hill so far and I'm at that point where it will begin to roll downhill and the words will fall in upon themselves.

  4. I think the tipping point will always be a trip to the country of the language. My brother and I both took Spanish and thought we were making pretty good progress. He then spent several weeks in Costa Rica and I never left home. He came back so much more fluent than I ever achieved through the rest of my studies.