Monday, 14 September 2015

This took me hours.

This is a photographic exercise. You get a crystal glass, preferably faceted like this one. And you put it in a pure white box. Then you pound light from a flash into the box so the box gets grey and the glass is separated but holds the definition. It's the simple things that are really hard to do.  


  1. And what is the reason for this exercise? Is it for practice with the flash or your lighting?
    Pretty vase!

  2. If you can do it with a glass you can do it with anything. If you are pushing light into a white box onto a glass with facets and not have it blown out, well that's the goal. And do it with every shot. You see, getting all the elements in sync is HARD.

    Wow, I thought I'd hit publish. (chuckle).
    I've just opened the car door for Jess and she's welded to it in fear of being left behind.

  3. DId you play with directing the flash at different angles? It is an interesting exercise.

    1. The box is about 8" wide. So there's not much by way of angles. What occurring is the light is flooding the box and bouncing off the sides and top. So the grey is simply the fall-off, or the difference in the distance the light travels between the back of the box and the glass to the sensor, about 2 inches from a center line through the vase and the rear of the box.