Friday, 30 December 2016

New Photo editor. Adobe and the 2nd Affinity


  1. Is that part of the new adobe suite?
    I like the detail in the second one. Cleared things up a bit, yah?

    1. I knew about Affinity for a while now, it was only for Mac though. About two months ago I saw they were Beta testing it for Windows and said I'd give it a go.
      It's fricking brilliant. For €40, of in the US $40 I have a Photoshop replacement. Well for 85% of it anyway. The only bit missing is the video editing, and I can live without that.
      But what I'm amazed with is that it equals and on some tools, betters Ps, and that was and but for this program is, the industry standard, and leader, but some distance.
      But Ps is $150pa on a subscription, this €$40 for a permanent license. And while the 150 isn't a huge amount what makes it annoying is the recurring nature of the thing. Then add in the incessant updates keeping the annoyance in your head and you have a recipe for people leaving Adobe in droves.

    2. That's cool! I really dislike the subscription too, so it's good to have that option. I'll have to check it out. The video doesn't bother me in the least. I know you've been doing some, but it seems as if your main focus is photos anyway.