Sunday, 26 November 2017

New Camera.

New camera arrived a few days ago. And I was correct with the other one, the viewfinder was very bad indeed.
Lucky really I was connected with a few people that have them, who were bemused at my comment at the dimness of the view from the eye piece. And I had a bit of luck, or not, depending. But Amazon didn't ship a charger in the box. I got the cables but not the charger. Anyway Amz reduced the price by almost £200 for this was the 2nd product that was incorrect. The first really wasn't merchantable and this for the missing part.
Ohh the ring on the jotter is from my supper plate. :-)


  1. Well at least you are getting closer to having a fully functioning new toy to play with again.

  2. It was good that you had those with whom you could compare, to truly know there was a problem. Hopefully all will be completely sorted out soon!

  3. We'll be looking for new photos!