Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dublin and a terrible place

I was up in Dublin to collect my pictures from the RHA. Since I went before Jessy's walk I decided to bring her for a run in the Phoenix Park. Thinking also I might go to the Zoo as I was at it. The latter i nixed since there was no parking. But I did take her for a walk in the main park itself.
The Park was a royal enclosure and housed the houses of the main officers of the British administration in Ireland
The biggest was the viceroy's lodge, now housing the president of Ireland. The next in size was the chief secretary lodge, now the house of the US ambassador to Ireland.  But the point I'm making is the shading. These were designed to be interlocking killing ground blocking the western approach to Dublin. But should these be overcome the Magazine Fort was the place to retreat. The park is about 1800 acres, give or take a few.

It was down by the magazine Fort I took Jessy. Now I must say I've been to the PP a few times before. I was at the Zoo as a child and I've driven through. Still I'd never really explored. So it was with a some shock that I found a truly engineered landscape. So much so that I a trained landscaper was left wondering what was truly natural and what was made ground.
Usually when man/woman sculpts ground attempting a 'natural' enhancement they end up with something too curved or too angular. But there was little doubt in the area around the fort for every inch was a killing ground. And filled with traps and funnels.

  The people playing there had little idea that 100, 150, 200 years ago they were under the guns of the fort.

The profile you see from below is just the very top of the wall, the plastered bit. And for scale that is Jessy down in the Haha.


  1. Very interesting and I enjoyed all the visuals.

    If you'd gone to the zoo, would Jessy have been welcomed inside? Obviously dogs are allowed off-lead in the park, given your last photo.

    1. No, she couldn't go in. And it was way too warm to leave her in the car out in the open.
      And I'm not 100% sure if allowed in the main park either. There are herds of deer in it that I totally forgot about. And it was good she didn't catch their scent for they were 400 yards from the car. It was just when we left the car we walked south and they were west.

  2. So are you saying that all the bumps and curves and gullies are man made?
    Looks like a beautiful day anyhow. Jess looks happy. :)

    1. Enhanced, I'd say that's a better term than man made. Height's were raised, and valley's and gullies deepened. The 15 acres, the open area below the US residence is as level as a snooker table and the fort is at one end of it. (to the east).
      And for certain the ground around it is raised.

      Yep she's an adventurous one right enough. And her issue hardly bothers her as long as I keep her exercise to a sane lever and don't allow her run about like a lunatic.