Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Das shed update

I painted the shed with timber protector which also had a colour in it.
Now when I put on the first few feet of it I was somewhat disjointed for I was covering a weird Prussian blue with a queer babyshit brown that was supposed to be mid oak.
Well, it turned out fairly OK. I would've liked it to be a tad less but it's OK. And It's been remarkably useful when needing a place that is dark to load film. But not so much for the actual developing itself.
I will probably put another coat during the summer.

The colour darkened from this.


  1. As long as it serves it's purpose and in my backyard, it could be painted just about any color.

    1. Yeah, I'm usually of that thinking myself. But I've lived with that almost black version of blue all winter and I was over it. There are certain colours that suck in light and this is one of them.

    2. I always prefer a little color if possible and I think you made a good choice. Color and light - you can’t go wrong.

  2. Nice looking shed!