Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas food.

OK. Once I discovered the brining of a turkey made it reasonably edible I've attempted to do it with chicken as well as turkey. But for they purposes of the season it was a turkey breast rather than a full bird I soaked in salty water with chillies, juniper berries and thyme. My usual shop ran out of the cranberry and port jelly, so I had to buy the raw fruit which I cooked with Kombucha I made myself rather than alcohol. It's basically a light vinegar, which is what the port is anyway given any heat whatsoever would boil off the alcohol leaving only the acid. But in case the turkey fails I have two lobster that I can cook.
I have some dark chocolate, but I'm not that gone on that nowadays. And a plum pudding, Again meah, I'm not over bothered quite frankly.
I'm really lost though about Jessy's reaction to salmon. She'll climb through brambles to get some. And a tiny bit does her, what you'd put on a fingernail.
Anyhoos, I've the bird breast cooked as I'm not that gone with hot turkey. Cold will do me nicely. All I've to cook is the greens. Basically a ten min job.

Happy Christmas Guys.


  1. Sounds delicious! What time should we be there?!?! ;)
    I look forward to hearing how the cranberries turn out. I often threaten to make them from fresh, but worry how it's going to turn out, especially when so many eaters like the canned-shaped gel stuff.
    Merry Christmas to you as well!

    1. Oh I've made them. And they are darn good. A smidge tart, but with dry meat it should work well. I reckon juice of 1/2 an orange and a glass of dry port or sherry with a tablespoon of sugar would get it to the taste of most.

  2. All sounds delicious! One of the Food Network "gurus" I follow swears by brining. I've always just baked my turkey - never fails to be juicy and tender.

    As for the fresh cranberries, I'm now hooked on that cranberry salsa recipe I tested at Thanksgiving. I've done it twice and have a third bag of berries waiting in the fridge to make again.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    1. Thins is you have to be so careful you cook the thing, and then with me it's get to the point that the dog is sick of it.

  3. Merry Christmas from the warm South where Christmas is going to be a picnic on the beach