Thursday, 14 December 2017

A ruins in morning sun, Joyce's Tower out of Ulysses.


  1. These are so different in their approach, yet equally beautiful. I'm a sucker for ironwork and gates, so I do love that last one. The B&W almost has texture to it - it's a nice effect. Of course my eyes are drawn to you know who in the second. :)

    1. You know who nicked her ear while out on the evening walk and bled like a waterfall. It really upset her fro we were in the car and I think she was worried to be messing it. I put her in the shower once we got home and then sprayed that congealing spray plaster on the nick only for her to do that doggy thing of shaking herself like a mad thing. Then I sprayed it and put a knuckle plaster over it folding it over. And that seemed to last a bit. Now she's flat out before th stove.
      I think the bottom one could work in B&W too.