Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Opened and looking quite good

I have no photos just yet as I was too darn busy setting up. Bit of a laugh, eh.


  1. Look at that! Your name in "lights"!!! Congratulations. I'm glad it's off to a good start.
    Do you have to be there for a certain amount of time to visit with visitors? It's a lot of hours each day, but I would imagine it's good for smoozing.

  2. Yes, I was there today. And am going tomorrow. The space is going to be busy this month.

  3. Somehow through one of those links I stumbled across your professional site and looked through your gallery there. I saw quite a few pictures I either missed here or were new to me. I am as always, amazed at the quality of your work. I hope your showing goes well.

    1. Ta for that.
      It seemed a bit stupid to continue a degree of privacy when I have a bunch of pictures hanging in a large public space seems nutty in the N-th in fact.

  4. I'm quite impressed - way to go!