Friday, 18 November 2016

Very unusual New England autumnal colour in Ireland.


  1. Doesn't Ireland get leaf color in the fall? Or is the actual color itself unusual?

    1. We do, but each tree one at a time. Never all at once.

  2. That's quite stunning! In part, because of that lush green pasture in the foreground. Granted we've had little to no rain over the past two months, but our pasture is pretty much done until spring. We already have the cows eating hay and cow food.

  3. This time of year we are lucky with the sun for in the evening it sorta slants along the ground for the longest time. Maybe more than an hour. Here, you can see by the shadows of the trees that the sun was almost horizontal and so it produces this yellow light that's darn near the shave of a wedding ring gold, a yellow with loads of red.
    The cattle are for the most part off the land here now too. But it's only the last week or so that it's happened. A month later than usual, ish.