Monday, 14 November 2016

Well, thank God.

It was 17 degrees centigrade here in Tipperary today, and we are mid way through November. 63F. Now 17C isn't that much to write home about in most places in the world, but here it's a pretty good summer's day, if it stayed dry.
But the really good thing is we have a bunch of climate deniers who spend most of their lives in AC leading the US of old A.
These last eight years have been hard. You couldn't really say anything and you ended up using your middle finger crosswise on the furrows on your brow.
Let's face it. Things are getting warmer, and in Ireland frankly we're good viz the sea levels rising. And if we had a bit of heat in the summer we'd be delighted. We would really like to get used to sunburn. But the downside would be all the little gobshites that are off pestering the Spanish would return.
Joking aside. If the governments were really bothered about climate change they would have sponsored the installation of solar panels and local power generation via wind. And what did they do. They put a Tax on us to give to financiers, so they could add an extra 20% on our fuel bills.

But these coming years will be fun I think. And really however you cut it that Gold Joker will bother people outside of the US way more than those inside. Still, my sympathy to those that were bereft by the loss by Clinton.

Oh, a P.S, You have to wonder if the head of the federal police nationale in France came out and played politics in the days before an Poll would now not be sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial, nevermind still sitting behind his desk.     


  1. We've always been intrigued by solar energy and would love to give it a shot. However, the cost is exorbitant (last we checked). What would be nice is getting off the grid entirely, but I'm not sure that would be feasible where we live. Besides, Elon Musk's solar cell is back-logged in production for years as far as I know.

    1. Yeah, but that's just it isn't it. It should make sense. And it just doesn't. There's this sort of expectation that one should feel bad, sinful or even at fault and should be glad to tip loads of cash down a drain.
      I will say the solar cells make more sense nowadays. But back when we were all caught up in this is when it should've been made to work.

  2. For me, this is two separate issues. I classify myself as a conservative but yet I believe in global warming. The problem is that there is really no incentive for companies to stop spewing the gases that cause it. The U.S. through mandates has done better but it isn't enough and now that we aren't the problem, there are others, i.e. China and other developing countries that are picking up the slack and then some. I have come to believe that probably nothing will happen on this front until the impact is in our faces and by then it will be too late.

    I think there is hope with renewable energy because as we get closer to peak oil, the costs associated with creating energy will force people to invest in renewable energies. My little state has become the leader in wind energy this last decade and now makes a third of all our energy needs. With cheaper solar technologies, I think our state will be well on the way to energy independence. Of course as peal oil occurs, our demands for electricity will sky rocket so we may even need something else on top of that. I'm more optimistic on this one.