Tuesday, 14 July 2015

7 reinstalled

OK my PC is back from hospital. The tech guy could do nothing so I took it home and did a total reinstall.
I'm profoundly annoyed. How dare Microsoft sent out incomplete operating systems that people cannot back out of, if an error occurs.
Even the tech guy in a computer shop couldn't correct the thing. And like myself couldn't go forward, or back. It's truly unconscionable, and I can tell you now the quicker I migrate to Apple the better.  


  1. I wouldn't be so quick to jump to Apple. They have problems too and though in recent years it is better, there aren't nearly as many of them out there so when you have a problem on them, researching solutions online is harder with fewer people out there. Also, it is harder, here anyway, to find someone to work on a Mac than on a PC. PC's have their problems but I've found when I run across one and search for solutions online, there are literally hundreds if not thousands having similar problems and almost always a solution to be had.

    1. It would've been all Dell or HP here about 20 years ago. But Apple with their pastille design about 96 began to make serous inroads such that I'd say today it's half and half here.

      I'm calling my take up of that OS a mind fart.

  2. I completely agree with you! It is ridiculous that there were no options and that NO ONE could help you. How can they put out a product and not have the ability to help you?!?! It doesn't make any sense.
    As a LONG TIME PC person who has recently converted to the Apple products, I have been very impressed. Of course, I have an Apple store about 3 miles away so if there are issues I can go to the source. I would have to agree with Ed on the numbers game if you are in a place that the Apple servicing might be few and far between compared to a PC. I remember early users here often complaining about the servicing, but I never hear that complaint anymore. I will say, after having used both, the Apple products are far more intuitive. We still use the PC-based products at school, and most of the time I want to throw them out the window. So much so that I'm writing grant after grant to slowly get my classroom outfitted in solely Apple. The worse part of switching is the cost. But after doing it, I'd definitely do it again.
    The most important question...did you lose all your photos or had you already saved them all in external storage?

  3. I'm sorry you had to do the reinstall, but at least it's in working order again. What a bummer!

    I almost put Apple in the cult status...and I'm not saying that judgmentally, because I'm an iPhone user (and I still use my old iPod). I don't think I've talked to anyone who uses one of their computers that doesn't swear by it. My brother got one not long ago and really tried to get me to follow suit. I decided to stick with a PC for a variety of reasons and ended up getting an HP. So far I've been satisfied with it, though in some ways it would be nice if my phone and laptop were the same thing.