Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mhairi Black: SNP MP's maiden speech in full

SNP is the Scottish National Party, and Mhairi is 20 years old.


  1. 20 years old?!?! Wow! A very impressive speech. It makes you wonder how much could be accomplished if our representatives only stayed in office long enough to remain young and idealistic, or at least idealistic. Out of touch and resistant to change isn't good for much more than those in charge.
    The group she sat with seemed to agree while the group across was small and unmoved. Was that intentional?

    1. That's the House of Commons chamber at Westminster. At least one minister would be in to hear her, out of respect. A tradition to a new MP's first speech in the House. The people around her are all SNP. On her maiden speech she would be listened to relatively uninterrupted from the Government benches.
      The HoC is different from the Houses of Congress, in that the seating is either side of an aisle not in a fan.

  2. Yes, quite impressive. She seems so young and idealistic to me. (maybe I'm just old and cynical!)

    I'll admit it was fun listening to her accent, too. ;)