Friday, 23 October 2015

Philip is too well-read to be ideological!

This was the response I received when I asked where on the left-right line in economics sat our new governor of the Irish Central Bank.
I think it's a blooming brilliant comment, that I really must remember to apply to myself :-D. 


  1. A person who takes each issue by the facts to make a decision rather than a blanket ideology based on half truths is a rare position indeed. Do you agree?
    A Haaavaaad man, pretty impressive. But I might be worried with his stint in NYC?

    1. So rare indeed that it's utterly unbelievable.
      And I'm far more worried by his advisorship of NAMA, the national asset management agency, put in place to remove bad assets from the banks. But became little more than a vehicle for enriching the already rich.