Sunday, 18 October 2015

Shag on a big rock


  1. Nice shot, beautiful rocks. Is that the one Jess was barking at? I didn't catch it in the video, but I was looking closer to the sea. This looks much higher up.
    Although, after the flossing-my-teeth ribbing, you can't title this as "shag on a rock" and expect to get away with it?!?! ;).

    1. Yep, that the one Jessy was barking at. The bird is about 3ft tall, ishy.

      Yeah the video was a test. Of a few things. I wanted to see if it would focus automatically. And it will but not great. And I wanted to see how long on my broadband it would take to upload 1080p video, the answer is that took nearly three hours.

      I've a feeling my 'no claim's' is gone. Bloody Germans in a Hertz on a one lane mountain road. Not even a crash but a ding that would occur in a supermarket that you wouldn't even see. They stopped dead on the bias halfway through a passing. If it happened with Irish drivers we'd sort our own out, but since it's a bunch of tourists in a rental. Oh, I don't know. I've contacted my lot anyway. And I took photos too.

    2. Oh no! Just today? In the new car? I'm sorry. You all are ok though?

    3. Yeah, fine. I wiped the mark off my car with my palm, and then with a cloth once I got home, Gone, unless you really look for it. But the silver left a mark on the wheel arch of the VW and I expect a similar wipe would remove that too. But there were three men, and a long way from civilisation. I wasn't going to debate the issue too much.

    4. Oh shoot! At least it wasn't bad, in the scheme of it all, but still a giant hassle. Especially since insurance companies, at least here, are not usually the most helpful of folks when you need them. Good luck!

  2. Looks a bit like a cormorant or something from this distance. Shag. I can't hear the word without thinking of that Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me. I've not seen it, but the title certainly sticks.

    A ding on a new car? That's never fun.